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What's the best thing to do when making a vehicle that doesn't have any animations or anything. I'm trying to model a hover van thing and I just wanna know just in case because this is my 1st time doing something for BL. I'm also gonna need help with coding and all that.

nvm and sorry this topic turned into a stuffhole
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learn to model with blender, and then once you got the basics of that down you can start using things like the item positioning model to scale your model to the player and other stuff like that

also join blockland content creators for more consistent/quick help

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also while you're taking my excellent modelling advice you should download sketchup because im an ascended modeler and i have tons of merit. conan is actually a scam artist and content creators discord is his religious cult and he's trying to indoctrinate you.

please brother. embrace the sketch up. you are blockland's last hope- the last polygon bender

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you should consider not telling me what to loving do. and you should also consider SketchUp, the superior medium of 3d design

you all should consider actually giving good advice and not start a fight over blender or sketchup. Really, I'd learn blender but I've been using sketchup for years and really like both. I'd still pick blender seeing as it has the most support for BL modelling.