Author Topic: CheesePizza2 (38789), Christmas (195053), Complex (38314), and tilley (42839)  (Read 2456 times)

Okay, so I was on Cat123's Grapple Knife TDM server last night when these 4 douchebags named CheesePizza2, Christmas, Complex, and tilley were unexpectedly turning against me for no reason. They called me "chavelia noob" and was spamming L's at me everytime I die or run away from them. I sucked badly that night and could barely kill anyone because I was extremely tired. I ignored them calling me names and spamming L's at me for a while when everything went terribly wrong. I had a few images that I took while I was on the server, but be warned, it is disturbing.

I made a few comebacks at them for being loveual to me, but that was when defendant tilley started spamming to Jakeonwind (18945 to mute and ban me for apparently "hurting his feelings":

Jakeonwind then muted him shortly after:

At first, this did help for a little bit, but then when tilley was unmuted, he started claiming that he, Complex, Christmas, or CheesePizza2 wasn't even talking about me, but was talking about "Minecraft stuffposting". They kept defending themselves for a while before Jakeonwind banned some of them for 10 minutes. This might sound like the irrelevant and repulsive argument is finally ending, but it hasn't. They still said that they never talked about me at all, but instead, they were talking about "Minecraft stuffposting." Not to mention, they even spammed in the server asking me what "irony" was.

While the argument was still going on, I also noticed that CheesePizza2 was having fun bouncing using his grapple. I decided to interrupt his "meditation" by knifing him while he was bouncing. He then fought back saying the following:

For some reason, he was arguing saying that killing someone while bouncing was a sin and that I should go kill myself. Being frantically annoyed by this, I left the server after an hour of them arguing and saying loveual things.

I have been disguising myself as "Bad Aim Guy" on my alt so that they won't notice me. Please make sure that these 4 idiots never press the "Join" button on your server, or they might spread rumors about me. Also, to the 4 reading this, it seems that you might have been successful in making me angry, but that doesn't defeat why I made this drama post in the first place. You can continue being a bunch of a-holes to be all you want, but assuming that I have already gotten evidence that you've been annoying me ever since yesterday, I guess you won't have to worry about being talked to me anymore.

Anyways, that concludes this forums post. Hopefully these people won't ruin my New Year's by being second graders and (praying to god about this) not spreading rumors. Later.


We were just critting u out in our trapbase  :cookieMonster: :cookieMonster:

+ part of above image

we also don't need your waste of oxygen here either, please learn to take a joke, what the hell is irony?
this is flaming

cheese is a big dumb, others are just your average flamers, seems to be another day in blockland

cheese didn't even do anything btw idk why he's on here

This thread ain't right because one guy makes a drama then some people waste their time to make an account just to butcher themselves?

never saw that sorry
so you're telling me that it took you a long time just to realize that cheese acted like a richardhead. wow you really need a brain checkup

it is disturbing.
it really isnt. i dont know if you're like 11 so all of this talk is new to you but... this stuff is really nothing. they aren't saying this because they're loveual predators on the internet, theyre saying it because you're incredibly offended by it so they get a reaction out of you. why not... either not respond... or just play along, which is what everyone does?

if someone says they want to drink my cum i dont start crying like a baby about how theyre loveually assaulting me...... i whip out my richard and nut on their face. it dont mean nothing anyways

he insult me.... h-he insult me waawaaaa.......

i love how saying mean things unwarrented causes a victim to flip stuff like his child was thrown on the ground

trolling and irl bullying is lowkey sadism don't @ me

why make accounts to defend yourself on a drama this retarded

OP needs to grow thick skin and the other retards are retarded