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So it's been 6 years since SpeedKart was first introduced as a Blockland GameMode, and no one has ever held a consensus on what some of the best SpeedKart tracks were...
Until now.

But first, some words.

I don't know much about the history of SpeedKart myself other than the fact it was made by some dude called Nasoa using Slayer.
Most likely because he couldn't get a proper kart racing game running on Blockland so he settled for the next best thing.
And boy, what a best that was.

SpeedKart has somehow managed to be quite a popular and memorable GameMode, it even got its own trailer in the Steam page for Blockland.
Like all GameModes it also has its downtime of not having anyone around playing it, but it also rises up on its own.
That and my fixation for racing games of any kind has led me to take more interest in this GameMode than many others would want to.
or idk that's just what I think I might be wrong

So here we are, this is the poll that proved what the best SpeedKart tracks are. This might be of interest to those who want to make a SpeedKart-inspired game.

First and foremost, here's the best SpeedKart track, as decided by over 50 persons from the Blockland community...
even though like 10 of those votes were for the two joke tracks in the poll, so it's actually less than 50


wow who would've loving seen that coming
Hydro Plant completely destroyed the competition with 21 votes!
So congratulations to Sumz and King Zor... even though it seems they completely disappeared from Blockland without leaving any trace.

But what matters isn't only the very best SpeedKart track, no. We're here to check on the second and third best SpeedKart tracks! So, without further ado, the second best SpeedKart track...

and megaguy, who made some edits to it

some good taste if I dare say so myself
Green Hills arrives on second place with 14 votes. That's exactly half the votes Hydro Plant has!
Congratulations to all parties involved in the making of this track. Because it's good. Thanks for the shortcut at the beginning of the track by the way.


congratulations nasoa, I hope you're no longer pissed by badspot/kompressor "stealing" your gamemode
Lighthouse takes third place with 11 votes.
Kind of fitting to see the very first SpeedKart track in the top three. It's also the worst looking one of the three.

Those are indeed the three best SpeedKart tracks, but there's still a few more tracks I want to go on about. Thus, we have...



The fourth best SpeedKart track with 9 votes. It was the third best for quite some time, but Lighthouse caught up somehow.
Wish it didn't disconnect during loading.

The first portion of the track is kind of a clusterforget but I always found it as one of the better tracks.
Sierra Island and Volcano

kinda iconic but also hard
also I turned sierra island into sierra castle and people like it so that's cool
Magma Marathon

Shoutouts for being the only track with a full lava theme. Jumping a volcano is also neat.
Acid Reflux and Mystery Forest

Fresh and new SpeedKart tracks that are currently exclusive to the SpeedKart Club server, which shouldn't be for long.
I like how they use themes that aren't really present in any other SpeedKart track.
PacTrax Curvature / Frozer

these tracks are ass hard
Neolith Cross, Sandstorm and After Dark

shoutouts to these tracks for not having any votes lol
Red Raceway and Autism Raceway

the only mentions that are worthy of being unhonorable
i don't even need to tell you why

With that we just got the whole SpeedKart track thing out of the way, but we're not finished.
I also asked you to leave in your names and your thoughts on SpeedKart, if you wanted to. That leads us to what's possibly the most fun part of the poll.

people with "jokes" for names are automatically registered as stupid

  • Superstarxalien / Original
  • 77x5ghost
  • Karate
  • Megaguy / Galactic Brain Dentist
  • [HotPocket]
  • King Smore
  • Kelp
  • AdzDuffRain
  • Stick Man
  • Anonymous
  • celau
  • RTBland
  • Sixmorphogus
  • crazy54311
  • Anonymous
  • WaterOre
  • Superstarxalien
  • Not Superstarxalien
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • heavy bro
  • Anonymous
  • Badspot
  • Gui2203
  • Pee (funny prankster)
  • Badspot (the real Eric Hartman)
  • Anonymous
  • Badspot
  • Ephialtes
  • Stellarnaut
  • Badspot
  • Anonymous
  • TheBrighterDark
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Fastmapler
  • exit
  • plasma
  • Sugar / casey
  • the N-Word (funny prankster)
  • Anonymous
  • sprite
  • eric fartman (funny prankster)
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Fuzztoast
  • Gif
  • TheGoldenKai
  • Jif
  • wildsoldier37
  • Blockbyte
  • Magus

losers who forgot to put their name in:
piber20 / crispy

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snake track best track

hydro plant more like blandro plant hahahahahahaha its a joke im just kidding dont murder

ok I want to close the poll now but uh
there's a tie between lighthouse and green hills and we can't have two 3rd places
so please vote
also there's 6 votes left until it reaches 50 votes so it'd be nice if we reached that


Though i actually voted for Lighthouse and Hydro Plant (sorry Megaguy 😞)

the poll was closed at long last
now keep yourself wondering which tracks are the best ones until I'm done

ok ok hold on geez
i'm working on it i swear

holy stuff that took way too long BUT HERE IT IS
original post was updated with the results
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