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Author Topic: Block Bastion REVAMP (Re-Upload)  (Read 550 times)

After the "Flame War" on my previous post, I have officially made the 1st map to the revamped Block Bastion: cp_dustbowl_modded!

Each round lasts 5 Minutes
BLU must capture BOTH points to win
RED must stop BLU from capturing BOTH points
You may choose any of the 9 classes
Some rounds have a special event that I do

1-No Griefing
2-No Delaying
3-No Spawn Camping

Everyone Is A Spy! - All players must go Spy for this round!
Pyromania! - All players must go Pyro for this round!
Robot Lord! - Versus Saxton Hale, but hella hard!
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pretty cool map. its pretty minimalist and cool. glad you finally started putting images on your server thread

oh hey this actually looks nice

just a protip, dont use bad addons because block bastion used it

New Update - Versus Saxton Hale

Since the original VSH would not work on the server, I decided to add a few touches to the gamemode, creating a working VSH. Enjoy!

No longer using the TF2 weapon pack, now giving more of a "unique" style of Block Bastion, instead of using the old pack, I will be using the Tier Tactical pack, with a few exceptions, including the spy's knife and watches.