Should Kidalex90 be Ban On Sight?


Author Topic: Kidalex90 - Jokes are supposed to be funny.  (Read 3935 times)

see Dis face tat?? i dont Wanna job
i get Paid to show UP like a Fuccin God
does anyone speak this dialect of retardese

he sniffs dirty diapers and drank my bathtub water. i say ban him

does anyone speak this dialect of retardese
yea he's saying he can't work a boring ass 9-5 with his face tattoos looking like they do so instead he's a rockstar and he gets paid like $50,000 just to show up at concerts and scream

and nothing of value was lost

Look at it while it lasts

hey I recognize that ass, it's one of our own

no srsly i didnt expect kidalex to just up and leave the thought appeared but i sshrugged that off wow okay.

i wonder what the next alt will be named

child enthusiast Ringleader Kidalex90
either that or he's gone for good, if so good riddance.

yo aint that pic verticalhorizon or whomevr?