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It first appeared many decades ago. No one knows where it came from. Back then, we were more curios than anything. But as it spread, as it mutated our green seas and green pastures into lifeless outlands if green crystals, we learned to feel otherwise. Some embraced it as a gift from God, treating it as a path to our ascesion. Others learned to fear it after witnessing its destructive powers. Those powers called cancer... doomed to destroy all life on Earth and eradicate the human popultaion if we didn't act quickly. Their rivals viewed ut as unique, heaven-sent material capable of yelding great invetions. These disagreements tire apart the fabric of or socitey, bringing suffering, war, and death. But it didn't care; it just kepp spreading. And then they came... a race uninterested in diplomacy or cooperation; a civilization so dependent on this vauge material that in order to sustain thier way of life they invade other worlds to harvest it; a race wrestling wuth addiciton ti this extraterrestrial mineral... this palguem this lifeless mass that has forever altered the path of mankind. This is Tiberium

Worst game ever. I watched an interview and I just laughed at how retarded it is, we're adding ai's but they are going to be dumb and worthless and just going to get in the way. 1 Bot online = about 1 player lag, they want to have 32 vs 32 maps PLUS every one gets ai's. Its not even apart of the Tiberium saga, there's one weapon that does every thing... well that's just stupid.

This game is going to fail hard, one of the first mistakes is adding 100's of retarded ai's, Frontlines is a great game but the retarded ai team mates that run in front of you and cannot kill for crap (Not the mention the enemy ai's knowing exactly where you are) is a good example of a bad idea. The second thing thats wrong is it not being apart of the Tiberium series, EA abusing concepts until they are dead and even using them to make games about games that's not apart of the series.

There is nothing good about this game, 'but its a Tibrium fps' well but the look of the combat it sucks.

Isn't this under the Command & Conquer name? Thought so.

I looked at it, at first I was thinking it could be good, but not really. Renegade wasn't good.

Renegade wasn't good.
Renegade was awesome, its old engine was the only thing that was bad about it but most people hated it  for nothing. You kill, you get money, you buy your own vehicle or class and attack the enemy team, it was great. Mods still coming out for it today.

I confused the grenade launcher for a smg that shot out blue arrows. :cookieMonster:


I watched several interviews and it didn't sound like that at all. There aren't hundreds of units, you get a few squads (wikipedia says four, for what it's worth). It would play out a lot more like Battlezone, except you don't build stuff.

I think it's a bit too early to make those calls.

Renegade wasn't good.

I didn't think so, I thought multiplayer was great. Single player had it's moments too, I was chased around by a visceroid for 10 minutes, trying to find health since I had almost none left. But I got lost a lot in the buildings.
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The thing that really puts me off is the story. Games are like books to me, I love a good story like Metal Gear Solid if you pay attention.