Author Topic: addons not loding/fov issues (pagestretch)  (Read 1140 times)

i recently made a dumb move and downloaded a dump of addons and chose a few to put in

for whatever reason everytime i load (which takes like 20 minutes since there's so many) i spawn in, get an error of a ton of addons that are broken (working on deleting them) and... none of my addons show up. well, ok, all of the weapons show up for some reason but none of my bricks are. maybe it's because i have too many?

with the fov, i know it's some of the weapons i have that are causing it, it's that fixfov bullstuff but i have no clue what addons *are* causing it

if someone can tell me how i post a list of all the addons i have or whatever and point out what's going wrong here, i'd appreciate it

this is all obviously on the fault of me, i'm not gonna blame the dump or the addon creators, and i learned from my mistake, but if anyone knows what the hells going on (or can pinpoint how i'd fix it) i'd appreciate the help

hopefully this should be helpful

sorry for the third post in a row edit button isnt showing up, here's something actually helpful (if i'm sending the wrong thing again my bad)

those addons arent broken
they just dont have ci images (the little images that shows what weapon someone got blasted with)

but jesus loving christ how many loving addons do you have

yea you gotta disable a lot of loving addons

ahahahahahahaha, jesus.

way too many addons enabled. consider culling a few hat packs or weapon packs.

yeah lmao im retarded guys. ill do it when im not sick, thanks lol