Should pineapple on pizza be banned?


Author Topic: Petition to ban Lord Tony  (Read 2294 times)

Some autist gets mad at tony for some dumb reason(either tony being dumb or the user getting tilted over something retarded)
Said autist creates drama
Lord Tony enters the thread
arguing begins
arguing continues for 50 pages(in large part due to tony)
Nothing is accomplished
Cycle repeats itself

look i recall voting no and now this stuff says yes

wait no forget im retarded thats in reverse this wasnt rigged my brain has aids

wait no forget im still retarded

^Sorry, forgot to put that in the OP

All I want to know is why Tony does what he does.

All I want to know is why Tony does what he does.
Earth's top scientists have been studying Lord Tony for centuries to figure this out

The no votes are catching up.

Even when you rig your own poll it still doesn't work in your favor lol.

Original poll

Yes 4
No 9

new poll

No 4
Yes 9

new poll currently

no 9
yes 10

GG masterlegodude, awaiting for the polls to get switched again.

Lord tony: *makes thread*
Users: *talks in thread*
*One single user who makes one forgetup in his post*
*A user quotes the single user's post*
Lord Tony: *Whines like a bitch, locks thread*
*Cycle restarts...*

This goes every every day
every week
every month
every year

Whats the point of this retarded topic? you dont have ability and power to decide who should be banned or not, also gg for switching

Also, tony is so used to going into drama, he posts like he's always in drama at this point. (Because you can't edit posts here)

And it's not news, just post count inflation.

mld pls a tony drama? you aint that low my mans