Should pineapple on pizza be banned?


Author Topic: Petition to ban Lord Tony  (Read 4142 times)

anyone who likes pineapple on pizza is dumb

dont ban tony because i like him
I played with Tony some years ago, he was alright, in-game Tony's an alright guy, forum Tony's kind of a twat though

anyone who likes pineapple on pizza is dumb
begone heretic

You can stuff yourself over a joke, but you took things too far when you messaged those inactive forumers over Steam

I knew you were a troll, but i didn't know you were also a jackass

I didn't realize it was a crime to ask people to pokemon go to the polls.

It is

And that's actually why Hilary lost the election

you clearly rigged the polls here.

Poll is rigged.
no proof....typical whiny trump supporter.........
the people have spoken tony. you do believe in democracy, right? it's time to go