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hi i was looking like crazy for a 1x1 cube print  because i needed it but i couldn't find one!
either i'm bad at looking, or nobody has ever made one before.
so, i decided to make one myself.

i don't know if it's great, maybe a face needs to be flipped or something, but it's good enough and it suits my needs.
the print fits a 1x1 brick so it won't really line up with ModTer or whatever but I made a ModTer version and a 2x2f version.
(what that means is, one of them uses whatever prints your ModTer bricks have, the other one uses whatever prints your 2x2f bricks have [i.e, Print_ModTer_whatever or Print_2x2f_whatever])

ok anyway here u go enjoy

2x2f Version:
now on Blockland Glass:

ModTer Version:
now on Blockland Glass:

they have different names and icons so you can have both without getting confused

p.s. this is basically an extension to the Cube Print Bricks addon by Tophius
update - January 15, 2019: Added Blockland Glass links.
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