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ook ook me switch code SW-8459-6547-3681 username is banks

ook ook me switch code SW-8459-6547-3681 username is banks
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I took the plunge and bought a switch on the first of the new year so I could play katamari re-rolled (even though it's on steam, i just wanted a switch lol) but since then I have been hit with ass loads of bills and havent been able to buy any more games :(
When I do get disposable income again I'd like to buy an RPG that I can get my money's worth out of. I'm thinking BotW right now, but the idea of Dark Souls on a portable console is very intriguing. I don't care if the switch version has inferior graphics.

ALSO just last year the 3DS got so many good titles, what the hell. My gf got me warioware gold for christmas and its pretty cute.
I still really want to check out these titles:
luigis mansion
detective pikachu
majoras mask
bowser's inside story
captain toad
kirbys epic yarn
games for toddlers 2

if anyone has any opinions on these games or if you have recommendations for others I'd like to hear what you have to say.

oh yeah and did anyone see this limited edition eevee bundle back in november? I wanted to buy it so loving bad in january but anywhere that's selling it is charging $500+ so I just went with the standard switch with the blue and red joycons.
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If you're going to get Majora's Mask, and if you've played the Original on the N64, prepare for some changes. I've played through both versions, but played the N64 one religiously. I ran the internal save batteries dry, and since then have never been able to fix it.

Anyway, I would highly recommend Majora's mask. It's great. Some stuff has changed from the remaster, and it streamlines a lot of things that made the original a little repetitive, but it's fun and you'll sink many hours into it. The music, the story, characters, it's all great. Go for it.

i use a wii u and a 3ds, but i have no interest in online wii u games anymore, so here's my 3ds friend code: 0362 - 2489 - 5942

hey gamers add me SW-3941-4690-8315 i don't have online btw

I've updated the username and friend code list.

i'm loving pissed
 nintendo has nekopara on the eshop but not garfield kart