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Author Topic: Counter Strike 1.6 or Source  (Read 886 times)

I really hope they make the graphics look better in version 1.7

in terms of gameplay i don't really see any differences between CS 1.6 and Source
CS 1.6's community is much more alive especially if you are an brazillian

Source has barrel physics and they're fun as forget. 100% source on this one.

Source because I still play it almost every day.

source forgeted up the recoil and spread patterns after the orange box engine update. it really feels like stuff to play now.

gotta go with counter strike 3 for this one chief

Source for sure, defiantly the best iteration of Counter Strike in my opinion. Everything in the game feels right to me.

source because of zombie escape

source cus they wuz guna add dust3

Source because of better physics and the guns feel better than they do in 1.6, plus source's community isn't full of brazilians so you wont be getting 900+ ping if you live in the US like I do.