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Mafia Madness 3 is a gamemode where everybody is given a role and depending on the set gamestyle, there will be antagonists such as the Mafia, the Cultists, etc. The innocent's goal is to find out who the antagonists are and survive, and the antagonists must eliminate all innocents. Use /rules ingame for more information on how to play.

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User commands:
/rules (CATEGORY) - Displays rules.

/corpsename (corpsename) - Displays the role of a corpsename.

/listroles - Shows all the roles of MM.

/MMvotegamemode (GAMEMODE) - Votes for a gamemode, use when it isn't voting period to rock the vote.

/mmlistgamemodes - Lists gamemodes

/claim (ROLE INITIAL) - Displays the color of the role you claimed in your name.

Admin commands:
# in front of your chat: Admin ping viewable by the whole server.

| in front of your chat: Admin ping + center text. DO NOT USE DURING GAME!!!!!!!!

/ac - Adminchat.

/startmm - Starts the game.

/stopmm - Stops the game.

/chat - Activates isolated chat for complaints.

/chat (name) - Adds/removes a person to isolated chat. Do not do /chat until everyone is removed from isochat.

/eventlog (or /killlist) - Displays kills, enchantments, blackmailing, investigations, etc. (DO NOT USE WHEN ALIVE)

/gunlog (NAME) - Displays when a person pulls out their gun, fires it, and who they've killed. (DO NOT USE WHEN ALIVE)

/rolelist - Displays the list of active roles at play (DO NOT USE WHEN ALIVE)

/redruls (NAME) - Displays if a person has read the rules and which categories.

/mmsetignore (NAME) - "ignores" (doesn't queue people) for a round.

/mmsetgamemode (GAMEMODE) - Forces the gamemode.

/kill (NAME) - Force-kills a player. Use when afk and last or stalling AFTER BEING WARNED.

Various other commands are in MM but none of them are needed to be used for admin purposes. Most are for testing/debugging/coding.


What's new?
- 12+ new roles
- 7 new guns
- 2 new gamemodes
- Better admin commands
- General improvements
- It's epic

Q: How do I start a game? I type /startmm and it won't start.
A: Set the gamemode using /mmsetgamemode (GAMEMODE)

Q: How do I start voting?
A: /mmvotegamemode when it isn't voting period.

Q: Can I host with this/modify this/use this?
A: Yes.

Q: Will you update this anymore?
A: No.

Q: is it epic?
A: (yes

- Celau (me!!)
- Phanto
- Trinko
- Caden
- Charles
- Sprite
- Rose the Floran
- Everyone who played the server

im confirming mafia madness five

im confirming mafia madness five
yes...........................its here

also confirming fred durst 2

freddurst.cs is now online

phanto, finish this unfinished gamemode or i will visit your rocket league retirement home

damn... it's even epic? (subscribed)

damn... it's even epic? (subscribed)
i always forget you made like 90% of this gamemode