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Ghille is currently locked out of his forum account, so I'm post this thread for him. Here's the topic he wrote:

I decided to revamp the weapon pack I released back in 2014. Here's the original topic.

The pack can be summed up as arena shooter styled weapons in the form of handheld spells. My goal for this revamp was to tighten up the balance of the pack and improve the satisfaction given from each weapon. All changes were created from hours of play testing. Every weapon is balanced to be used alongside the others.

Changelog from the Original Pack:

- New Weapon:
  - Spread Pixel:
    - New blue pixel, replacing the rapid fire's color (we originally removed rapid fire and replaced it with this.)
    - Single 4-pellet shots.
    - Each pellet does 15 damage.
    - Has an explosive jump that does little to no damage.
    - Ability to juggle opponents in the air.
    - New fire sound.
    - Fixed spread as opposed to random for more consistency.
- Bomb Pixel
  - Has an increased range and projectile speed.
  - Slightly higher fire rate.
  - Damage radius decreased.
  - Radius damage decreased.
- Rapid Fire
  - Now purple
  - No longer has spread.
  - Increased projectile range.
  - Projectiles fire slightly slower.
  - Damage reduced from 15 to 13.
  - Updated projectile death explosion.
- Health Pixel
  - Changed active particle from hearts to pixels.
  - Now fires raycasting projectiles.
  - New red tracer (credit to Conan for model).
  - Damage increased from 17 to 20.
  - +20 Health on Hit.
  - -10 Health on Miss.
  - No longer heals teammates (the game would get confused and would count other players in deathmatch as teammates, rendering the weapon useless).
Other changes:
- Pixel DM Playertype now has slightly more air control.
- velinheritfactor has been set to 0 on all weapons, making projectiles less reliant on player momentum. This makes it easier to aim with faster playertypes.
- Removed and re-added Reflector pixel because people got mad (it's garbage).

Ghille - Scripts, Sounds, and General Design
Aware - Scripts and Models
Conan - Raycasting Tracer model

Blockland Glass download:

Reccomended Mods
Healhbar Mod
Power Ups

Me and Aware are currently hosting a server with these weapons on 24/7. Come check it out sometime! We plan to add a map rotation and possibly special modes. Additional you can join our Discord for development updates and server discussion. I appreciate the support over the years and hope you all enjoy this pack.

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I use these a lot for abilities, so its nice to see it got an update.

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