Author Topic: Unicorn Armpit Hair (New Beauty Trend)  (Read 573 times)

why'd they have to pick like, the worst example of it for the headline image smh

ladies armpit hair does not look lovey pls stop

next people are gonna be dyeing their pubes  :panda:

next people are gonna be dyeing their pubes  :panda:
way ahead of you

mine look like the grinch

armpit hair is gross, dying it just makes it seem more gross

if you have armpit hair theres two options, live with it or shave it

Man, I'd forget the stuff out of that armpit. Especially with the white blemishes around it, implying she was sweating and letting some steam out. The sweat makes for easy lube as well. There's only a few things in life that turns me on more than sweat.

This armpit obsession has actually been a real issue in my life. I've got files of various anime armpits in my computer. Hairy ones, trimmed, nude, and sweaty. Few of my previous girlfriends had broken up with me because they would always wake up with my richard in their armpits. I could never figure out why.

One time, I woke up in the middle of the night to find my sisters armpit wrapped around my richard! I must've been sleep walking, searching to put my richard in an armpit. I should've left, but it was in the middle of the summer and she was extra sweaty. I couldn't resist. My hips were moving on their own! She was in weight lifting, so all that muscle was enough pressure for my richard. I felt like I was in heaven loving this armpit. I could smell my sisters stench on my richard.

I was surprised on how heavy of a sleep she was. Until she admitted she was awake the whole time. I begged her not to tell father. But she explained that she had a "getting forgeted in the armpits while fake sleeping by a sibling special interest." I thought that was a pretty targeted special interest towards me, except it wasn't. That's when I discovered that my second sister has been loving her in the armpit as well.

I haven't washed my richard since