3 or more alts
1 (2.9%)
Inability to learn from a mistake
4 (11.8%)
All of the above
29 (85.3%)

Total Members Voted: 34

Author Topic: What makes users worthy of "Should be banned" threads?  (Read 936 times)

Discuss because I took this screenshot about 2 weeks ago

stuffposts + general complaints. notice how the mld one exists because he made a tony one, and the kidalex one is exists because he made a mld one

none of them really go anywhere

Pretty much all of the above

Except in my case where it's only the second option, i'm a good boy that doesn't need alts

blf is one hell of a drug

Ban petition threads are mostly useless. Stop making them, just drama someone normally

petition to ban petition to ban threads

only time it worked was with pie crust

only time it worked was with pie crust
I get the feeling that was less because of the petition and more because badspot had both means and wants to ban him

this is my only account and i have never made alts, yet i made a whole lot of cancerous posts i regret making to this day and got 4 bans. I have stopped posting much since then in fear of the last permanent ban. I refrain from posting most of the things i write and use preview an awful lot.

old forumers from 2016 know me for derailing a free avatar megathread, which got renamed as BlocklandBlockoCity's Butt Panic and moved to the drama board afterwards

TL;DR I have 2300+ cancerous posts i regret making and i've got 4 bans during my time in this forum, making me post way less than i used to in fear of getting perm-banned from this place.

NOEDIT : i actually try to learn from my mistakes, however

the lumen drama was retarded and came out of no where for no reason, i only have 2 alts, one of which isnt registered and the other one is the account im posting on

blocklandblockocity's butt panic was quite possibly one of the greatest moments in forum history