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oh my god gothboy oh my god oh my god oh my god

Idk, do you think a publicly released "carrot Launcher" is acceptable? Back in the day this dumb stuff would be failed on the spot, mainly for lack of creativity. This mod could have easily been passed around through friends/people who actually wanted to use it - but no it has to become a public appraisal right?  "HEY EVERYONE! - SOMEONE MADE A GUN THAT SHOOTS FAKE richardS. BAHAHAHA" It's so funny when your an imbecile isn't it? I guess it is a joke after all....albeit a lame one

BTW I reported this add-on for being a loveual :cookieMonster:
it must be your first day on the internet

This is america..
the bump nobody asked for but the bump we need

the bump nobody asked for but the bump we need
The only bump we need is the bump upside your and Biqus's head.

glad it could be summed up in such few words. Badspot is a real OG

How about a DPG-7 instead of an RPG-7