Author Topic: blockland forums rewrites the US constitution  (Read 4921 times)

(N (M is now valid becuz i said so.

O)                                                                                                                snake

PP) is the best amendment

oh i see how this goes
Q) below person is gay

1) hello vienna calling

T) super malleo yiffs he is a furry

W) Isn't it funny how gamers like us are constantly put down for a simple hobby, yet all the "chads" get scholarships just for kicking a ball around? Listen, gamers, it's clearly time to RISE UP.

Amendment N) Every U.S. Citizen will be provided a copy of Blockland.

x) if its probably gonna be a beautiful day then you shall not go to damn school and learn about some ancient civilization that existed like a thousand years ago lasted what, like ten years?

Amendment @) if you have tax, throw it away