Author Topic: blockland died  (Read 1116 times)

help i couldn't open blockland, but when i finally did, there were like 2 servers on the serverlist, anyone else having this issue?

haha we livin like kings now

looks fine to me, seems like people in various areas are experiencing connection problems to the domain. unsure why, possibly cloudflare rate limiting connections from certain directions?

Damn Conan just doxxed the playerbase!!!

yeah, basically blockland was forgeted for a lot of people, and glass went down for a lot of people too, but I guess it's fixed now.

About you can not open bl this not happen to me

Not yet my friend.
blocklands dead?
i think its just beginning
*credits begin to roll*

Hmm... worthy of the list?

I dont think so. The title is misleading, but the topic isn't about Blockland dying as a game but is actually about the master server having connection issues.

Its been a long time since Blockland has died according to the list.

Pls no complaining it'll only die more