is pineapple pizza good or bad

5 (14.3%)
6 (17.1%)
13 (37.1%)
also bad
11 (31.4%)

Total Members Voted: 35

Author Topic: pineapple pizza, good or bad?  (Read 1077 times)

pineapple pizza forgetin blows

a question that breeds war

lucario please stop trying 2 larp as penguinz0

imagine not liking pineapple on pizza because you think it tastes bad (hey it doesnt)

whats wrong with pineapple on pizza?

you truly are off the goop on this one lucario

Pinapple on Pixxa, bad.
Pizza on Pinapple, Heresey.

Pizza in Pinapples on pizza on a pineapple...?

not good nor bad
epic centrist time

No way! That's the fastest way to ruin perfectly good pineapple.

i actually like pineapple pizza. no way i would go out of my way to buy a pineapple pizza