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Just some comics I made where my art style is overly simple and easy for me to draw.

As such, I've began making comics based on stuff I see/interact with. Note, the characters included
in the comic series will be either my friends or other people I've met, with that said, lets have some fun.

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im not a gamer what does this mean

i like this artstyle, well done

im not a gamer what does this mean
You don't got the answers sway

i like this artstyle, well done

Thanks, Adz when he saw this told me that the style looks cute. I am also working on Issue 2 which will
be a 4 parter due to how both hilarious and complex it got.

Issue 2 is here! This will be a 4 parter.


I like to thank Gui2203 for pointing out the error at panel 5 (forgot to add Goldtits' sholder pads)
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i dont understand why coconuts are being mailed by trebuchet but i love it

just push them thru the radio

After some delay of sibling accidentally hitting the power plug to room, Issue 4 is finally here!

i have literally no clue whats going on but i'm okay with it

i think it time traveled because it said 88mph but thats what i see

are these from blockland or just comics