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I'm running a Windows Server 2012 VM running Blockland and another server 2012 VM running SQL Server 2008 (might be able to upgrade to 2019 soon). How can I access the database and write stuff to it from Blockland? I know there is a DLL called BLsql that can do database stuff but not sure what to do from there

i would setup like apache and communicate through php or something

huh never seen BLSql.dll thats actually really cool, worth looking into
unfortunately i think you can only use it if sql is running on the same server as the blockland install

so setting up an apache server with php and then sending GET/POST requests to the server through PHP and then accessing the SQL through the PHP layer would probably be the best way to go,
be very careful how you setup the php so you dont allow random outsiders to access your sql in a way you wouldn't want to

is there a framework or something I can use on the web server so I can just use tcp objects without writing a stuff ton of code cause I haven't really messed with PHP and stuff

thanks thats all i need