Author Topic: Upcoming Server Idea (Rainbow Block Siege)  (Read 478 times)

UPDATED (Now A Rainbow Six Blockland Project)
(This is a VERY HEAVY WIP, as this is the first post about it, more info will come soon.)
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Used Add-Ons
RPGx (RPG Extended)
RPG Item Pack
HP Bar Mod
+Others Because I'm Too Lazy To List Them

Since I have seen many medieval RPG's on Blockland
this is a sign to NOT do that and actually make something creative

Guess what boss, I made a new idea! I have never seen a Rainbow Six idea in Blockland. So lets do it!

i thought cblock was already doing that tho

donít you have a lot of other projects going on right now?

dude youre working on like 15 projects already

remember when i said this exact loving thing and everyone gave me stuff and then my account got banned and now people are loving saying it anyways?

People really shouldn't make threads for projects until they are almost done with it.

hes not working on 15 things at once he hosts that one thing for like a day or 2 then moves on to a new gamemode