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naruto isnt tito fools
they dont even act similar idk where this claim came from

as far as i know he probably wasnt even hijacked i think he just got bored lol

It was an inside job. Nobody is being hacked.

Edd is confirmed hijacked, look at the timestampe, you can only send dms every 20 seconds from the samen is plus he couldn’t type that fast

Hi don’t know how autocorrect turned ip into samen

And I think that the bottom dm was sent by a guy named tuco who was awfully obsessed with a picture of me in gear

>your words will hold weight when u are actually someone that matters

funny how these folk basically wear their insecurities on their sleeve lmao

what happened was edd posted his password and username in a discord and in some DM's with a few people and left it at that cause he doesn't wanna come back anytime soon