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im extremely gay for the g7 scout

did not like caustic mainly because of his hitbox. i feel like his ult takes too long to take out. (you have to pull out the grenade, activate it, then you can throw it). ive been playing the larger characters mostly and kept getting knocked down VERY quickly. i ended up switching to lifeline and its a hell of a lot better.

Thatís my primary issue with pathfinder. I love playing him but Iím a walking billboard despite my chassis not being very large. I play really well as Bangalore because sheís middle of the road and gets a speed boost when shot at so I can swerve on nerds.

im extremely gay for the g7 scout

I think I like the Hemlok in single fire better than the scout.

G7 melts faster than the Hemlok with the right attachments and decent aim
Only disadvantage is having to compensate for greater bullet drop

i was gonna write a post about how i just dont understand why my aim is sooo much worse than in titanfall 2, then i realized, i played titanfall 2 exclusively with the grenade launcher.

the grenade launcher from titanfall 2 NEEDS to be in apex, just typing about it now makes me crave that weapon

Battle pass tomorrow

Wow the battle pass has really poor value compared to fortnite Q_Q

battlepasses shouldn't be a thing anyway

battlepasses shouldn't be a thing anyway
I'd consider it a big part of Fortnite's success, people look forward to new seasons and new passes a lot; it allows people who don't have lots of money to blow to gain cosmetics and other cool, season exclusive gear.

ok but it's still a stuff business model. prestigious cosmetics comes from prestigious achievements, not prestigious spending.

ok but it's still a stuff business model. prestigious cosmetics comes from prestigious achievements, not prestigious spending.
if it was a stuff business model they wouldnt make money from it would they 👀

really that's the card you're playing? let's bring back lootbox gambling then the kids love spending their parents money on that.
exclusivity or prestige in modern games comes from spending money, it's shameful gamedesign and only exists for the shareholders.
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Its a free game. You pay for the ability to gain prestige beyond what the developers give you already (again as a free/base game), and you still have to put effort into it to gain the top level cosmetics. I mean, its literally no different than spending $60 for the entirety of a game and still have to accomplish feats in order to obtain "prestige".

But on the topic of the battle pass, I'm rather disappointed with the rewards. Havoc is neat but I'd rather have a Spitfire and EVA8 in my kit, gimme a sick ass skin for those.

just make a cosmetic store with no timed stuff & other weird exclusivity. make the cooler items more expensive if you have to but no random exclusivity, it's anti consumer and prestigious items like that should come from commitment to the game.
E.g Payday 2's difficulty masks, giving you real prestige to show off if you beat every single mission on maximum difficulty. Or Black Ops 1's gold camo that was super expensive AND you needed max prestige level.
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