Author Topic: Apex Legends - Season 2 :)  (Read 10270 times)

the triple take made me lose it lmfao

had my first victory today

wanted to play gibraltar until i got enough resources for caustic but this playstyle is super fun and kind of forgives my awful positioning because i can just press Q

the triple take made me lose it lmfao
honestly it could be either but yeah its probably a havok

have 3 solo victories now
gib is OP, the peacekeeper is my wife, i also unlocked mirage

I'll start playing again when they can give enough of a damn about the game to update it at least semi-frequently

game is still kind of boring tbh there's nothing to do but dunk on ppl

which is fine! It's fine, BUT, you don't gain anything from it. No unlocks, no achievements, just... dunks, that you can't even track or display. Boring af

I mean, people still play Quake. Its not always about what the game has to offer in terms of accomplishment. I still play the living stuff out of Titanfall 2 because there's a high skill ceiling that I can strive for. Not to say I'd love more content in Apex, but I make my own fun too.

The game can still be good
Gameplay hasn't went to stuff a la Fortnite, it's still fun, but it's boring for many people bc a lot of people expect games like that to be providing new ways to play and new goals to work towards
The BP was lackluster, but even worse, the whole season is a big fat meh, they blew their load at the start and that's all they had. TBH I doubt there's a full crew on Apex now. They're prob working on that Star Wars game

It's not a dead game, far from it. Still over 10k people playing a day, which is a lot! But a game like this in my eyes needs at least semi frequent updates to strive, and stay on the top of the game. Part of why Fortnite is on top, it just updates so much. I reckon that if fortnite never booted itself up with a battle pass and such, it would have died out.