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i have matured (not) in this past week. i have checks i haven’t paid to my csu, i don’t know how to file my W2, and had overdraft fees which i had to beg to customer service to wave. i hate these adult things and i want to live life with all the fun and none of this adult stuff. call me spoiled but i want to be a kid!!!!
You receive the W2 in the mail and submit it with your tax returns. If you're an employee you get one no matter what, and all of the information on it is filled in for you by your employer.

I haven't worked for a year so I haven't had to deal with this dogstuff yet. However, I'm worried about the future because I'm getting my car fixed soon and my license, but I'll need to find a job quick to pay for gas and such. This summer I need to move out, but I'm not sure my dad will let me move back with him because he said there are no two bedrooms available, so I might be forced to go rent a room from my aunt or some rando. I'll need to get my own place eventually, but not sure how I can do this if I'm working a standard job making like 13 an hour, unless I get lucky and find a contracting job like my brother did with stanley steamer I won't be making enough to live in a place on my own unless I live in the boonies.

When the work week ends and you spend the first entire day of your weekend either: loving passed out, cleaning, or fixing something.

i can pay rent with one 3D model of someone's forgety wucky fox i will take that over stocking shelves in the weekend while working 9 to 5 on the week
why the forget am i not doing this wtf

i say we all start killing ourselves to make a point

wanna do adult things with me O_O

just got hit with an $800 repair bill for my car im still paying off. also its the coldest its been for a while here so my heating bill is ridiculous