Author Topic: Celau - bear with me here  (Read 25886 times)

hope youre doin alright drydess u can always hang with me if ur bored i spend way too much time in bl/discord anyways

i knew celau was bad news but not this bad. /support all the way

cant wait for celau/his butt buddy(s) to post something short and dismissive


heads up this entire drama is fake... sorry fellas

heads up this entire drama is fake... sorry fellas
damn dude all that work drydess put in was for nothing man

I dont hold any animosity towards celau, but he has repeatedly joined my servers just to spam/insult me, then followed me to other servers and carried on the drama there, and spent months trying to force controversy between us when I very obviously was not interested. I mostly just feel bad for the guy and I hope he can turn things around.

i always thought celau was a bit irritating but i didnt think it went this deep

never had any problem with him but this thread is so detailed

new years development was an absolute mess

I was unaware of pretty much all of this other than the darth banning part, when it was proposed to ban darth in the discord I voted no against it and questioned why he was getting banned

It seems a lot of people there hold grudges/really dislike people that are pretty harmless for no real good reason


i regret asking him for vip.

@Drydess Sorry you had to deal with all that bullstuff. If you want to be apart of a proper server development team you can pm me.

not sure why that text is tiny but oh well