Author Topic: God damn, show off your post count rank  (Read 1084 times)

It's nearly midnight here, and I want to know what the stuff is.
This thread is now about flexing your post count according to the leaderboard:;sort=posts;desc;start=0
(for reference, each page contains 30 names)
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members > view member list > click posts

Well stuff.  You know what?  This thread is now dedicated to showing off your post count rank.

couldn't have done it without my night thread tbf but it's neat to be that high, completely forgot about it
lucky number 15 B^)
slo down lemme pass u

page 7 brothas wya

my 2 accounts combined get me to 6th
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forgetnignnnnn 349th place with a whopping 3991 posts.


316th with 4343 posts. Or 4344 posts now

surprised im 130th place even though I mostly just lurk around

page 13, below Arekan and above sheepocalypse

however if you factor randomtroll39 into the mix I get 7520 posts including this one which puts me below Frankie˛ and above Snaffle J. Bean on page 7