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Author Topic: Sleeping Lelands: Coming soon  (Read 247 times)

A fan fiction idea
I have recently had the idea to make an new fan fiction about Kid Temper Tantrum. The name of this ambitious project is called Sleeping Lelands. Sleeping Lelands takes place in an alternative version of Kid Temper Tantrum where Leland is actually an undercover cop in the bright and vibrant city of Hong Kong.

The plot (which is in a WIP stage) is about Leland who got deported from Utah. After getting arested after a deal going south, Leland is now in prison. Tho he also meets his childhood friend Cody Martin. It is revealed that the reason why
 Leland got arrested is because Susan W wanted Leland to become and undercover cop and to infiltrate the  Troublemakers gang. So Leland joins Cody and the rest of the Troublemakers gang to secretly get information from them and their plans to destroy them from the inside. It is an epic tale full of stealing Cambria watches with Cody, A wedding with Bill and Violette, Hanging out with celebrities, street races, the line between cop and criminal, nightclub shoot outs, fighting a rival gang known as the Grounders, the power struggle in the Troublemakers, the tragic passing
of the ones you love, and much more. Even though I just got the idea 10 minutes ago I think that this will be freakin' sweat. Have any suggestions or ideas then post them bellow
Coming soon to the Violette1st Fanon Wiki

I have recently had the idea to make an new fan fiction about Kid Temper Tantrum.
you what?

you what?
Yeah you heard me. I'm making a Kid Temper Tantrum fan fic. Fight me.

I'm suprised so far no one commented of what it is "ripping-off" as they like to say.