Author Topic: Installing Blockland causes unusual additions keyboard functions  (Read 251 times)

I installed Blockland on my new computer on the 2nd of December, and like all other computers I've owned with Blockland installed, the mute key presses D, the volume down key presses C, the volume up key presses B, and the rewind/previous track button presses Q. This happens in a few applications including Garry's Mod and even Blockland itself, although these characters aren't actually typed (they don't appear in Notepad, for instance). This has only started happening since I've installed Blockland. I've been able to deal with it until now but as I constantly use the volume keys it's become harder to not take notice of this.

I've tried uninstalling Blockland which did bugger-all, checking every driver in Device Manager for any drivers added at the time when I installed Blockland (there were none, I checked before I uninstalled) and using a different keyboard other than my Razer Blackwidow Chroma (also did nothing).

Is this Windows 10?
Yes, I'm on Windows 10 (version 1809, build 17763.316)