Author Topic: [Bricks] Emil's Tile Plates Remastered  (Read 2343 times)

Would a 1x5, 1x9, and 1x10 be nice too?

Mega yes please <3

Update for Tile Plates

Sorry this took forever for me to get done life got in the way for a few weeks and I had other projects I was working on

(New bricks are in red)

  • Added 1x5F Tile
  • 1x7F Tile
  • 1x9F Tile
  • 1x10F Tile
  • 3x4F Tile
  • Also renamed some icons, shouldn't effect loading these on an old save

Links are in op to where you can download these, the Blockland Glass link will probably not be updated for a few hours after this post
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