Author Topic: 1000 ways to get kicked out of walmart. (REVIVED)  (Read 5461 times)

219. Assault an employee when they say they won't sell you your precious chicken tenders.

220. call 911 on 20 different phones

221. scream where is my sustenance and rampage through the cereal isle

222. Eat cereal

Then suddenly explode

223. pour all of the cereal boxes out into the aisle and then go to the milk aisle and pour all the milk on your cereal before putting a frosted flakes box on your head and shouting THEYRE GRRRRRRRREAT at the top of your voice while shoveling shovelfuls of cereal in your mouth with a shovel

224. spill all the milk on the floor and throw the cartons at the customers.

225. steal all the gift cards and gift all of your steam friends garfield kart

226. Make a fapping circle In the toy section

228. Bust open the Lego boxes and spread them out so that people constantly step on Legos.

230. do the fortnite default dance in front of a security guard

231. Join the bolsheviks and destroy walmart capitalist scum.

232: Cause an uprising and take over the whole walmart with the NERF guns

233. open the boxes of every lego set and replace the legos with a singular bottle of pepto bismol