Author Topic: 1000 ways to get kicked out of walmart. (REVIVED)  (Read 5467 times)

234. go into the "employees only" door

236. bring a bomb into walmart

237. a combination of 234, 235, and 236

238: destroy the walmart using said bomb from 236

239. eat all of the barbecue chicken thingys from the deli

240. Hehehehe! Throw lemons at!!! People!!!

241. try to scan your rooster at the checkout. and not the self checkout.

242. push the isles like dominoes

243. hop in the shopping carts with your friends and joust

244. scream, just scream and keep screaming until you explode into blood and gore

245. use razer scooter as a weapon

246. poop on the cashier

247. someone hack you and turn you into eevee and then when you go to walmart they kick  you out