Author Topic: [Vehicle] SX-5 Sashimi '91 - Classic sporty roadster!  (Read 808 times)

thanks for all the feedback guys!!

also, i noticed something off with the seams. then later realized.... all the seam textures were missing? huh. fixed that, though, as well as some edges on the brakelights

download link has been updated to reflect the changes (i think)!

Careful! McJuggerNuggets might steal it!

Careful! McJuggerNuggets might steal it!
i looked up what you were talking about and like wh.... what's up with this dude and this miata lmfao
refers to it as his dad's "antique" car where he's done Epic Prank videos on it and then recently he's just posted about a ......

.... Definitely Not Photoshopped accident???

am i missing something here this is funny but in a way where im under the assumption that he's genuine about this