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okay so basically some addons have preferences and i'm wondering how to use them
for example,
swollow's downing addon has preferences

Usually they're exported to prefs.cs in your config folder. If not put the prefs in that file and they'll be there on server load

Put it in the console.
For example
$Pref::SwolDowned_DownedTime = 55000;
$Pref::SwolDowned_KillToLive = false;

If it's a true or false check then any number above 0 will also count as true and anything at or below 0 will count as false.
If it's a variable that's made up of words then it needs to be in quote marks like this:
$myVariable = "Words words words";
Numbers can also be in quotes if you want.

Also note that the preference variables will save if you quit your server normally. If the server crashes or you close the game by killing the console window, prefs will not save.