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No goddamn it no, im forgetin done with this forum im done with this world im sick of this ok. Im forgetin done goddamnit no more no no no no no no no no no no no no im gonna ground myself from the internet. Nope nope no more blockland no more blockland forums ok im not liking blockland forums anymore its dumb now i hate it for things like this noooooo. im gonna stop going to google too yeah forget google and this site too dang it. oof im gone im gonna die if i see another one hang themself and in blockland too which is my favorite game of this season im was supposed to have fun fun time but i got no fun fun time so its my time to go bye bye. im gone see ya peace out homie.

Badspot turns his sights toward the development of Brickadia and purges the undesirables.

HOLY forget HJOLY stuffGjfdhaeGDFeR#WAfgeteavieu847r3vugt42o83894c0vtp gofdcp=-l09byer 0g9udjj0 szgidhvj9aw48yebdvnci

Holly forget badspot no no no no pplz

he did that on tezuni's server too years ago. it's just a prank to rile up y'all

1. wear your loving vest
2. why are you using the pistol
3. joke script

poor Sirlance can't aim

imagine believing minigame events