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yeah this thread is mostly about the mainstream /r/all

yeah this thread is mostly about the mainstream /r/all
some subreddits (especially the ones relating to more specific topics) are pretty good and i frequent them often, but ye r/all and the most popular stuff tends to be pretty garbo

r/ChildGrape (。•́︿•̀。)

its alright for music/ photography/ fashion subreddits tho everyone always spergs out when reddit is mentioned but fail to realise there are things other than politics and research on reddit :(
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depends on the subreddits like i said in OP, story writing subreddits were pretty golden back then, but like i said again, it might just be me getting older and having a higher standard for writing

r/nosleep has some good stuff

r/nosleep has some good stuff
yea i mentioned this in OP, i spent a lot of highschool just reading these. i havent been there in years as the quality deteriorated imo (idk if it actually did i might have just changed over time)

the sub birthed one of my favorite books to read at that time called Penpal, one of the stories popular enough to be published and it even had a potential movie deal back then

I'm just a bit sad that r/watchpeopledie is gone

I'm just happy that r/watchpeopledie is gone

I mostly use it to find out the newest shiny in Pokémon GO

reddit would be really good if it weren't for the hivemind that downvotes you for any opinion you have that doesn't follow the norm

remember when /r/atheism was a default subreddit

people disappointed about /r/wpd, /r/morbidreality is still up iirc which is the mother of these subreddits

i remember checking on the wacky tic tacs subreddit for the first time in like 2 years and it's mostly just people posting corpses and gore