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BlockLauncherSpace Presents
new shirts that is
and there is 6 of them
and there is gonna be more
that eventually we will make
there isnt enough apparently\
so we will make more
and there will be alot more
im not sure how much but there will be more
we haven't even built a hq yet
Anyways, there is 6 shirts as I said above and here are our shirts:
1. The Rookie shirt: awarded to rookies
2. The Basic Astronaut shirt: awarded to peeps who can steer a rocket ship well
3. Daredevil shirt: the totally epic shirt awarded to those people who do tricks n stuff
4. Alien finder: you saw a alien? cool
5. I'm a fan: ur a fan and you bought this shirt also it has typo "blockspacelauncher"
6. epic fan: wow you payed for this exclusive
totally made well no print mistakes at all download

hol on the images arent working here the link to them

these are loving garbage

these are actual genuine trash though