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this got quite a bit of attention. the vid has more vids then most brickadia vids and with a couple hundred more it would have more then any brickadia vid. i wonder why this is

What? Roblox has over 100k players daily
No he's talking about the game that he linked

shut up SHUT UP  it's NoT truE

so wait is this just blockland 2: the sequel nobody wanted but got anyways
or is it brickadia 2: the sequel nobody wanted but got anyways

this got quite a bit of attention. the vid has more vids then most brickadia vids and with a couple hundred more it would have more then any brickadia vid. i wonder why this is
Roblox just has a very large userbase, so if you post "hey I'm making this thing look at this video" and even the smallest fraction of the entirety of Roblox players saw it it'd still be a rather large number of views. It doesn't have much to do with the fact it's a Blockland-like being made in Roblox.

Hello. I'm that someone. I'm making the Blockland in Roblox. I couldn't get into my old account, but I have multiple keys, so I had to make a new forum account, but anyway...

The intention of this project was to give myself something to develop over my spring break. I created the placement system and polished the game a little bit and made a video about it to show off the concept. The video received an odd amount of intention. Keep in mind, this project was completely meant to be over the course of just spring break, and then abandoned, just so I could play it with my friends for a small amount of time.

This game is a Roblox game. If you're going to complain about me borrowing almost every single concept from Blockland, just remember, I'm a lone game developer (on Roblox for that matter) with nothing better to do than borrow game concepts. If the complaint is that I'm not giving enough credit, that's just about all I'm doing. Everywhere I describe the game, I list its main inspiration being Blockland, and everyone that's played has noticed that. Don't out your complaints on the Blockland forum without confronting me about it. I am not making a profit off of this game. There's no reason for fuss over the "heavy inspiration," or rather, "uncalled-for sequel."

Blockland is dead. Add it to your list. I've tried coming back a lot. Even though you guys have your tightly knit forum community with is completely respectable, the general population of the game is dead, and for the foreseeable future, will remain dead. It just gives me another reason to work on this game. I used to live on this game, made a bunch of add-ons, and stopped playing because nothing was happening anymore.

This game has racked up a lot of attention from Roblox players, which is completely unexpected. If they exclaim they like the concept, I'm going to keep working on it. If they exclaim they want more, I'm going to redirect them to Brickadia. This is NOT a full game, nor was it meant to be, so I'm not going to make it one. I'm going to expand upon my concept and make it more and more interesting until I feel fit. I completely respect Brickadia for what it is doing, and what should be done to the amazing game Blockland has become, and I am in no way attempting to replace it as an attempt to revive the game. It's just a concept that people enjoy for some reason.

For the record I have no animosity towards you, I just posted it here because I thought it was well done.

we actually arent dead we're undead but ok

blockland isn't dead just yet, but ya it's definitely dying. you may have the potential to help let this game live a bit longer if you maybe mention that there's still some dedicated people playing it and making new stuff for it rather than it just being dead. there may not be very many people playing at once these days but occasionally we still even have events and stuff happening when plenty of people get on and play together

that being said i respect what you're doing and it seems like you did a pretty good job recreating it, good luck with the project!
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damn brickadia looks different


thats 2 more to the list
game looks ok tbh i like the brick menu that doesn't take like 3/4ths of the screen and the click and drag brick placement system.

make the new duplicator and wrench