Author Topic: Borderlands 3 Badass-thread [Gameplay reveal live now] [September 13th]  (Read 2878 times)

not yet that i've seen?
also haven't noticed somebody like brick/kreig
good chance it'll be like the other 3 games, everybody with their own melee weapon and knives on guns

Borderlands GOTY Enhanced, huh? Yeah...... I remember that guy. Randy Pitchford; was it? That face that nobody could get out of their heads once seen? That guy that took a picture of himself in the 3rd floor stalls at Gearbox HQ? God, has it really been that long? What Borderlands are we on now..... 5? The year is 2046.... Randy was found dead in his office seemingly without a vertebrae, after E3 2032... the one where Todd Howard came out with the great news that there would be a Wayne Gretzky Hockey remaster? Remember? Todd doesn't. He's had dementia ever since TGA 2019 when Josef Fares flipped Todd the bird a 6th time. That doesn't matter now. What matters now is that Randy is dead. There will never be another Duke Nukem game. You will never be happy.

wtf the new BL2 dlc raises cap to lv 80

i remember back in e3 2920 half life 3 was released
wtf the new BL2 dlc raises cap to lv 80
yea its pretty cool if u get the handsome jack collection

i'm curious how this works with OP8 stuff, does that become level 88 now instead of 80 from before the DLC?
going to be hype to see how this changes builds