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There are only a few i7s that aren’t stuff for the LGA1150 socket, what about an i5 4690/70?
the ones that are stuff are the super power saving ones lol, they beat out the i5 you listed

150 bucks for a i7 4770, which is the same price as a 60-80 dollar FX and a not garbage board

If you can't afford it, then go with a i5 4570 since I'm not sure if your board supports haswell refresh or not

be sure your board is actually bios updated first before buying a haswell refresh tho

but yeah, get an i7 (non T or S, just a normal one) or if you're broke, get an i5. Don't forget with FX, you'll regret it
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Ok, my current cooler is a cool master hyper 212 evo, found a local used i7 for $100

i got a FX-8350 overclocked to 5.0ghz
MSI 970-A SLI Krait Edition
20GB of 1600mhz RAM
evga GTX 970

I built this system a long while back for budget and it's still really nice, unfortunately the 970 is slightly bottle necked by the cpu. Runs all modern AAA titles at max settings consistently above 90fps

As from all the comments I've seen, people don't really understand what it's like to live the budget life as I once did. Based merely on circumstances I'd see no issue with upgrading to these parts. I will have you know that an i7-920 (a 2008 cpu) will outperform the fx-8350 (a 2012 cpu). I own both of them and I've ran extensive benchmarks and they're about the same.

Honestly nowadays getting a $1000 is stupid easy also second hand hardware is so easy to come by, so I'd just save up really.

You'll only appreciate the higher-end performance if it's a actually a great deal better. 20-30% more performance isn't THAT noticeable. I'd save up to get a general 100%+ performance difference. You simply won't appreciate the new hardware if it isn't significantly better.

That's the main reason why I'm upgrading now,
ASUS Prime X470-Pro
AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB
Samsung 970 EVO 250GB

all these parts for sub $500.
and it's estimated that I'll experience a 168% performance and stability increase
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Ok, my current cooler is a cool master hyper 212 evo, found a local used i7 for $100
what i7 is it