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I've never seen this map, and apparently the version that was ported wasn't even the final version, as stated by the map maker himself at the bottom of the page. According to another post the final version had windows, a lobby, storage room, and conference room. The creator of the map stated that he would upload the finished version later that week and never did. Does anybody know if either versions of this map still exist somewhere? Preferably the more finished version of it. Thanks.

EDIT: I've found some more maps of interest, see below for details. While we're at it, does anybody know of any other notable interior maps like these?
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Unfortunately, i only have the mission, terrain and preview files for the map, so the office itself would be missing, but it looked like this

If anyone happens to have this map somewhere, it should be 'officefinal' for the actual finished version of it

While we're at it, there was another map that I had only seen once in a YouTube video that was like "reasons to by blockland" or something like that. There was one point where it showed a bunch of preview photos of various maps, and there was one that was a large seemingly empty room with wood columns and green wall paper. Does anybody else know what I'm talking about?

EDIT: I don't know if this is what I'm talking about, but if it isn't that means there's 3 missing maps to find:
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Okay, I found a bunch of notable maps from the v8 archive. I'll post them here in the hopes that somebody still has them. - Design Room (The one I mentioned in my previous post. Apparently there was also a sequel?), Semi Truck, and Fox's House.

Bump. I found a bunch of v00002 maps that were never ported to the v9 format, so I'm working on porting the few good ones I could find, such as Basic Office, Stairs, Bedroom 2, Bathroom, and Beach. I'll release them in add-ons when they're done.