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I loving hate that this is gonna be a one-off and DC is stuck with Jared Leto's stuffty Hot Topic Joke

This kind of interpretation fits more with the universe Zack Snyder was building before they brought on Joss Whedon

Now that I think about it, it sucks even more knowing DC is just gonna retread marvel footsteps

forget me

I wouldve preferred that this joker would become the inspiration for Jared Lenos joker in which Jared Leno is actually Robin before he turned bad somehow, which explains why there is HaHaHa on Robins suit taunting Batman and why that Joker isnt that good. In a more crazier scenario, the original Joker who dies is delivered to the Lazarus Pit where he is brought back to life and is forced to work with Ras Al Goul to defeat Batman. That Joker meets Jared Leno and shows him the roes of what makes him a joker.

giving joker a backstory is a mistake. it goes against his chaotic nature as a character. humanizing him will just damage his unsettling and unhinged presence. i mean, even the joker says his past is all multiple choice. remember the scar speech?
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no one said this was the definitive joker. I'm just interested with how they choose to develop and portray their interpretation of joker, not with what they will contribute to joker's "legacy'