Author Topic: things you find painful  (Read 2294 times)

Stepping on a lego brick.

popsicle stick jokes

scratching your balls but then you reach the point of no return

Being loved
oh sry uh i hate u specifically there do u feel better yet

anyone who says anything about the knot is getting curb stomped
sounds painful

whenever I walk around my house I hit something with my foot a lot and its annoying

-high pitched scratching noises.
-nearly snapping your femur on a couch because your sister is on our back when you fall on the couch
-slamming four fingers in a car door at once.
-having someone jump up and land elbow first on your back
-stepping on your ankle
-going over the handlebars on a dirtbike and landing shoulder first
-getting clocked in the nose with swing holding roughly 40 pounds
-jumping off a swing and landing on your hand and bending your wrist to the point to where its nearly broken but its not
-walking on a cement driveway after being in extremely cold water because you walked around your yard barefoot in the middle of winter and stepped in a puddle
-having a stuffty chinese dirtbike you were riding at an outdoor party cut a flip on you and it lands on your arm with an extremely hot exhaust and your other arm gets burnt trying to free your other arm
-having a hot curling iron that was on for some reason fall off the edge of a bathroom sink and hit your arm
-burning the tips of 3 fingers when you lock a chainsaw chain and wack the exhaust by mistake.
-get shot in the nuts point blank by an airsoft gun
-getting shot in the face point blank with an airsoft gun
im sure theres more that ive faced, but these are the ones that come off the top of my head