Author Topic: Blockland Freezing After Startup  (Read 1410 times)

That started to happen today, when I open the game it works for a second or two and after that it freezes and it won't unfreeze, it does that before the welcome message on the bottom shows up, I use the Steam version, I did re installed the game but I can't figure out what's causing it.

Try backing up all your addons into another folder on your desktop or something and delete the ones in your game directory. Then try running it. If it works then, then put your addons back in. If it doesn't work after you put the addons back in, it's likely something in the addons that is conflicting. This is the only real thing I can think of to fix your problem.

Today I left the game open and after a while it started working again, plus it has stopped freezing, huh.

A lot of people are reporting this issue and claiming it goes away for good after waiting long enough. This is extremely peculiar.

If you are currently having this issue, PLEASE do the following so I can see why this is happening; we could discover something very interesting.

1) Enable trace on your blockland shortcut
 1a) If you using steam: Right click the Blockland entry in your library and select Properties. Click "Set Launch Options...". Type -trace into the box and hit OK.
 1b) If not using steam: Right click your Blockland shortcut on your desktop or in the Start Menu and select Properties. Click on the "Target" field and scroll the cursor all the way to the end of it. Add a space to the end and type -trace and then hit OK.
2) Start the game, wait until the lag starts and then force-close the game.
3) Upload your console log somewhere that allows larger files (like Dropbox, Google Drive, MediaFire, leopard hosting)
4) Post a link to the file here so I can read it and figure out why this freeze is occurring.

$10 says it's glass or support_updater