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2 Games in 1 : Dr. Mario + Puz
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why the frick it raiting 000?

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x = home
a = pg up
y = end
r = pg dn
Zelda's lullaby
x a y x a y
Epona's song
a x y a x y
Saria's song
r x y r x y
Song of Storms

So my cat, Franki, recently came down with a pretty severe stomach virus. The vet gave me some anti biotic drops to put in his food but when Id do that Franki wouldnt touch it. So, the vet suggested using a small dropper tube to insert the medicine directly into his star fish. The first time was absolute hell, my cat fought me the whole time but once the tube was in and the medicine pushed out he seemed to calm quite a bit. Well the next day he was acting strange, he has always been an independent cat, rarely coming around, never wanting to be held, but as I sat on the couch he started walking back and forth meowing and rubbing my leg. He then went and jumped up on the table where wed done the application the night before and meowed louder and louder until I decided I guess we will go ahead and do the medicine treatment. This time he didnt fight me though, and when I inserted the tube he closed his eyes, stretched his neck, and let out a noise that can only be described as a moan of pure ecstasy. Maybe the medicine made him feel better, I supposed. That night he slept on my bed curled up right next to me, which he had never done before. For the next week hed do the same thing every day, meow on the table until he got his fix... But then the medicine ran out. Even though I had no medicine hed still cry and beg for it, I thought maybe if I insert it without medicine he will realize it doesnt make him feel better anymore and forget about it. Well that was 2 weeks ago and he is only getting worse. He walks around me all day with his tail up presenting his rectum and trying to entice me. He is demanding insertions more and more often. Yesterday I caught him looking longingly at the turkey baster... When I sit he jumps in my lap purring and rubbing me affectionately. It was then in horror I realized my cat thinks Im his gay lover, and that Ive been loveually pleasing him for weeks now. Needless to say the loveual tension between us is palpable. How do I let my cat know that Im not gay, but still like him as a friend?

Also for use in a state with a long name.

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