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I'm no fan of RTS games but Im going to play Warcraft 3 Reforged with a friend. I do like Stellaris and Total War though but I wouldn't consider those traditional RTS

i do like rts games a bit but not religiously; some RTS games i kinda enjoy are cubemen and rusted warfare

any good RTS games I can get started off on?

I would recommend Command and Conquer: Tiberium Sun, it was my gateway to strategy games and is really satisfying and still has nice graphics 20 years later due to good art design. You can get it for free these days so at least try it out sometime.

I also started playing Phantom Doctrine recently, really fun if you like the gameplay XCOM has or a cold war espionage setting.

you arent really playing against an enemy in tycoon games...

sorry I was just thinking about it, seeing the games fit as real-time strategy games according to the name, but the genre is actually preemptively defined by playing versus an opponent

i attempt to play sc2 sometimes

is dwarf fortress a RTS if you only play in real time?

is dwarf fortress a RTS if you only play in real time?
that sounds like a recipe for disaster lol

imagine trying to set up a spear training room and not setting the burrows in time so the axedwarf mother brings her baby in with her

Anyone here played the Ground Control games? Especially the 2nd one

any good RTS games I can get started off on?
CoH 2 is a really good RTS to start off with. You get resources from capingn points and you only need like 3 or 4 buildings to build. The game is micro intesive, and some DLC factions (*COUGH COUGH* OKW *COUGH COUGH*) can seem OP. Pretty fun game.

EDIT: This is now a thread about ALL types of strategy games.
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if we're talking strategy we should talk phoenix point. i bought the early access for $60 and its kinda ________

phantos epic games shill ignore him -_______-

yeet now i dont feel bad for posting here dudes i love games like prison architect but i wanna play more complicated stuff like some actual RTSes but i dont know where to start.
i played that rts game that has the mouse with one arm on the cover  but i forgot its name