Author Topic: Fight The Tin man RP  (Read 10761 times)

*proceeds to shove cross up starfish*

Excuse me sir, but please do not partake in or perform homoloveual acts, especially with the Christian cross.

god getting pizza 2019 colorized
yes i actually made this

we have crucified jesus christ and tonight we feast with whatever was in big brother's stomach

Lmao this brother eatin nothin but bread and water

naruto erp

"Sakura pushed Naruto against the wall, her lips trembling. Voice cracking. Her eyes watered like the dew on the grass.

'Naruto I can't stand it anymore! I just want you to take me!'

Naruto's thick, seven inch rooster was throbbing slowly under his pants. Spots of precum were beginning to peek through, it having been months since he had relieved himself. The life of a shinobi leaves little room for romance."

it was then revealed that naruto's rooster was actually an M1911 and he had shot sakura in the pusillanimous individual

and then proceeded to pee in her butt

the youth pulled out their vulvazillas and gave them a mean blow while gargling your own rooster you self-righteous fetishistic hog

but.... why fight the tin man? what if tin man doesn't want to fight? what if i dont want to fight tin man? what if...

what if...

the tin man.... wants to be friends?