Author Topic: Fight The Tin man RP  (Read 11150 times)

*summons satan with lemon juice* Hehehehehe!! This is funny!

*bashes lemons and satan on the head with a cross* hehehe repent your sins

Heres the tea sis *the ship's engines blow up*

bart simpson mark 2: hey gamers whats up *mows down crowd of innocent bystanders with chaingun*

aarrhg good morning fellow space shippers

YEAH its pretty good mornin

Priority Announcement

nuke disc is gone great googly moogly its all going to stuff

i pressed the button that said self destruct on it and now everything is beeping and making siren noises wow thats cool

sponge bob me boy i just smashed the oxygen supply arghghghghgghgh

time to piss all over the water-sensitive engine

yo yo yo its me bitchs wanna freebase?

i opened up a portal to hell trying to master teleportation technology